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FANTASTIC FOUR ShoWest Trailer hits, Spider-Man's life is gonna be a real beach in Spidey 3!

Hey folks, Harry here... before getting to the blah feelings about THE FOOLISH FOUR flick... let's start with good and happy news. Multiple spies at Sony have confirmed that Thomas Hayden Church will indeed be playing SANDMAN. There's a ton of Sandman conceptual art all over the Spidey-offices! I have to admit, as much as I love Sandman - he really did have the best episode of SPIDER-MAN AND HIS AMAZING FRIENDS... that scene of him on the beach tormenting Parker is still one of my all time fave Spidey images... I also was kinda wishing for the whole Kraven / Lizard story line that McFarlane did that I absolutely fucking loved. But all in good time. Meanwhile FANTASTIC FOUR is just kinda empty feeling. Human Torch and Thing kinda look good - but hell man - It's Clobbering Time needs some fucking enthusiasm - some gusto - some glee. Doc Doom just looks bad, I hate Reed Richards in every single shot. It's like they were so busy working on the physics, that they forgot that it's about speed and the fun and creative ways he stretched. I mean - he isn't fucking TOOMS - he's Mr Fantastic! Also - it just kinda all looks half-assed. A FANTASTIC FOUR trailer should leave you breathless - not thinking about SUPERNOVA! Ugh.

Hey Harry,

There's a new trailer for the FANTASTIC FOUR, apparently from ShoWest, on FantasticFourMovie.Com . When you enter the site, you will eventually come to a menu with the character names spinning. Press F4 on the keyboard to bring up the secret Dr. Doom character file. That will have the trailer in it.

I am scared for the film, and this one doesn't make me feel that much better, but this trailer is much better than the first. They even upgraded the font on those terrible '4' play-on-words (heh heh heh) that were interjected throughout the first preview. There are some cool looking moments in the trailer, particularly almost all of the new fiery Human Torch clips. Johnny jumping off the roof is great.

But for Frickin' Balls, DOOM's mouth DOES NOT MOVE when he talks!!!!! I thought this wasn't a mask--it's his own 'flesh'. Just a little chin-bobbing, that's all I asked....

Anyway, if you post this, here is me signing off:


Truly yours,


George Newman, U62

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