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As Far As Fanboy Wetdream Casting Goes - Tarantino's Dream Cast for INGLORIOUS BASTARDS is pretty much the tits!

Hey folks, Harry here... Now somewhere in the United States there's a pair of bodybuilding twins that go by the alias, ABking that are pumping iron with a shit-eating grin on their faces hoping against hope that Quentin gets his dream. Now - from what I hear, Quentin also wants John Travolta on this cast, along with Harvey Keitel, Adam Sandler and Michael Madsen. Now - if Quentin gets his way, this will be the most star-studded WWII flick since THE LONGEST DAY or A BRIDGE TOO FAR. This would absolutely rule. Quentin spent months researching the period, but also - I have to say, knowing what Quentin's fave war films are... movies like THE MERCENARIES, GUNS OF NAVARONE, EASTERN CONDORS along with the works of Sam Fuller, John Sturges and a number of others... He's steeped in the best of the best, and if he does to this genre, what he did to the Shaw Brothers Martial Arts Revenge film... well, we're in for one helluva great time. Here's AB...

ABking here,  

Can the fan of the TWO greatest action stars of ALL time get any happier? The answer, YES!!! Why? Because QT has plans to not only team Sly and Arnold in a WWII bloodfest, but he wants Bruce Willis to join in on the fun.  Seems Tarantino had this planned since 1998. Thanks to TAF for the exclusive:  

TheArnoldFans have the story!

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