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Whoa! Thomas Haden Church Vs. SPIDER-MAN!!!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here with a big big break in SPIDER-MAN 3 casting. Over at The Hollywood Reporter they've broken the announcement from Sony that Sam Raimi has cast Thomas Haden Church as the villain for SPIDER-MAN 3!!!

The villain hasn't been announced yet, but I've heard some pretty strong whispers that it'll be Sandman, but I'm not 100% on that. I love the idea of casting Church now... it falls into the strong, non-star character actor casting of the previous Spidey flicks, but who could he be? He wouldn't make a bad Sandman if that's who's in the movie... Hobgoblin, perhaps? Remember, Hobgoblin wasn't Harry Osborne, Harry later went on to be the next Green Goblin... Surely they wouldn't go with something as cool as Kraven, would they? Mysterio? Doesn't seem like a good fit for Mysterio. What about Eddie Brock? The Venom rumors won't die, but Raimi has said many times that he's not a fan of Venom, so unless Avi is twisting his arm in order to get the huge Venom fanbase frothing at the mouth, then I'd rule that one out. What do you folks think?

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