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Trailer link! OK, you just watched the sweet ROTS trailer... now Lucas talks about the movie possibly being PG-13!

Ahoy, squirts... Quint here... that trailer is great. Great Great Great. I hear it'll pop up on Hyperspace later tonight and, just to chap the ass of anybody who payed for that service, will also be up on AOL for AOL members. It seriously rocks. One of the biggest surprises of the trailer to me was what looked like a cloaked Anakin taking out another jedi in a cloak. I was under the impression that Lucas created Grievous in order to eliminate the Jedi in Anakin's place. If it's Anakin, Grievous and Palpatine that take out the Jedi together, I will be very impressed. I'll be a little miffed if the Clone Troopers kill any Jedi, though. I mean, Troopers can kill nameless rebels, jawas and Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru, but not Jedi. I'd love it if Lucas tied the Clone Troopers into the Stormtroopers by having them be inadequate up against Jedi... or even apprentice Jedi, but I somehow doubt it.

Needless to say, my geeky side is overriding my cynical side and Lucas has got me frothing at the mouth for this movie, against my better judgment. I've said since the first prequel that the one that Lucas really needs to get right is this one. This film is the whole reason to even make a prequel trilogy. Fingers crossed!

Lucas will appear on 60 Minutes this Sunday talking about Episode 3 and it has come out that he believes REVENGE OF THE SITH will be hit with a PG-13. This has been long rumored, but now he's actually said it. He's also said that the film "ends in Hell." God, I hope this is everything it promises to be! YahooMovies! has a story about Lucas' 60 Minutes appearance, which you can read below.


I'm sure either Harry or myself will update this article whenever the AOL trailer is posted to send you AOLers over to it, so check back throughout the night!


High-rez version of the trailer is up at Movie-List! Lookee! You gotta register to see it, but it's very nice and worth the hassle.



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