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Learn How ENTERPRISE Ends''

I am – Hercules!!

There’s this guy named “Quills” on something called TrekBBS. Maybe you guys can speak to his spoiler track record.

If “Quills” is right, thar be major spoilers below. Don’t highlight the inviso-text if you don’t wanna know:

Oh F*** it...Trip dies at the end and the episode is a holographic program on the holodeck of the Enterprise-D (yes..."D" as in how DUMB can you get!)which Riker and Troi are observing. The series itself is not a hologram program, but the likelihood of bringing it back after this bullshit is practically zero. You may now commense your saber rattling.

It's a holographic recreation. They could always write that it was a different scenario being played out, but the bottom line is...that this will be the final episode if this is the final season (which is pretty certain, regardless of the hard work done by saveenterprise and united trek). I would say that is a pretty shitty way to go out...especially for a Star Trek series.”

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