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Euphoric Bliss Filling One To A State Of Animated Jubilation!!! WALLACE & GROMIT: CURSE OF THE WERE-RABBIT Trailer!

Hey folks, Harry here with 2006's Best Animated Film Academy Award Winner. You don't need to be psychic. Fact is, Oscar has always been Wallace & Gromit's gold-plated bitch, and this time their statuate is assured. There will be no Pixar film in the way. Thus giving Wallace & Gromit a clear shot at glory. This brief trailer is so filled with glee, the jollies, an exhilarating shot of stimulating rapture... it is... well, AARDMAN at its best. Behold the trailer in Windows Media, hopefully soon Dreamworks will have the mercy on our souls and give it to us in fullscreen Quicktime, but till then... here ya go:

Click Here For The Opposite Of Despair!

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