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Ok - Now For A Really Horrendous Re-Design! Something to give those in the cheap seats perspective!

Hey folks, Harry here with the little aborted fetus, the WB calls LOONATICS - their reimagining of the Looney Tunes gang. Now my reaction is that obviously this is really really bad. BUT - you could look at it like a totally different thing altogether - but they're promoting it as being the new direction they're taking the characters - as if the old designs were gong bye bye. Well - check out this

Thought all of you guys would have an interest in this.... there's no finished animation from the show, but all the characters are identified by name now...

  • Slick (Wile E. Coyote)
  • Roadster (Road Runner)
  • Spaz (Taz)
  • Lexi (Lola Bunny)
  • Duck (Daffy Duck)
  • Buzz (Bugs Bunny)

and then there's Maxima, who according to the preview is the one responsible for setting up this group in the future... sounds and looks like Syndrome's assistant in "The Incredibles"...

Edison Carter

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