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Thank God! There's Gonna Be A PUNISHER 2!!! Plus 30 DAYS OF NIGHT on fast track at last!!!

Hey folks, Harry here... When I came out of the theater for THE PUNISHER, I was roaring pissed at the movie. When I caught it on DVD - with my expectations obviously realistic - I found the film nowhere near as horrifying as my first experience. It was just a film with some serious tonal inconsistencies that still drive me crazy. In a PUNISHER 2 - if they can get the tone right - and abandon the whole ridiculous "neighbors" thing and harden the Punisher to, at the very least Bronson levels - then they might have something. However, the better news here is regarding 30 DAYS OF NIGHT. I'm hoping that fast track isn't another word for cheap, ill-prepared script and half-assed. If that film is anything short of brilliant - I'll be really really angry. Here ya go...

Hey Guys-  

Love the site, been a big fan for years, but this is my first enjoy :)  

Today I attened the Dallas Comic Con Convention which featured Sean Astin, Thomas Jane and Steve Niles (Writer of the comics 30 Days of Night, Fused)  

All three held Question and Answer sessions.  Sean was by himself and Jane and Niles appeared together.  Nothing big from the Astin session, except that every time he talks to Steven Spielberg, Spielberg always starts the conversation with, "You are still up for Goonies 2, right?" which Sean always answers with a "yes!"  

The Jane/Niles session had some really juicy tidbits thought:  

1. Niles said that Columbia has put a rush on the movies version of 30 Days of Night.  Based on the success of The Grudge and Boogeyman, the rush was just put out this week and it is now second in line in production for them behind, he believes, is Scarecrow.  

2. Niles has pitched five of his comics, and all five have been picked up for production recently, including 30 Days of Night, Fused, Hyde and Aleister Arcane (The 5th one slips my mind).  

And here is the big news of the day.......  

3. The moderator asked Thomas Jane about there being rumors of a possible Punisher 2.  Thomas' respone was....."Oh, is that still just a rumor?"  We all perked up, Niles asked Jane if he could talk about this, and Thomas said "Why Not."  Jane let the cat out of the bag and told the room that yesterday at a studio in north Dallas (he dropped the name, but I don't remember it), they filmed the teaser for Punisher 2.  Tom O'Brien, the cover art model of Frank Castle for the Punisher comics who was also at the Con, was also at the shoot yesterday in full costume.  Jane said that on his phone, he owns the only picture of himself and the "real" Punisher, both in full costume, standing next to each other.  No word on when or where we will see this trailer though.  

4. Jane said that while the script is not finished, he is working closely with the team.  He said that he is doing EVERYTHING he can do to get the setting moved to the borroughs of New York and that Jigsaw is "more than likely" going to be the villian in the movie.  

It was a great Con, Thomas Jane was freaking amazing, very down to earth, very personable.  As you can tell from above, he had no problem talking about anything and everything, unlike Sean Astin, who was cool, but answered most of his questions with "I have to be careful about what I talk about because it will start rumors on the internet."  

Keep up the great work guys!!!  

If you use this, call me "Skipper Ben"

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