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Kevin Smith on Richard Kelly's SOUTHLAND TALES and CLERKS 2!

Hey folks, Harry here with this report from one of those Kevin Smith Q&A thingees. I'm sworn to secrecy currently about SOUTHLAND TALES - but as soon as my script source gives me the winkydink, I'll let you know tantalizing bits about that work of Richard Kelly genius. The film will alter your perception of everything. Oh, and we got some Clerks 2 news... Here ya go...

Hey Harry,  

I attended a Q&A with director Kevin Smith last night at the University of Connecticut.  It was fun long, and informative.  Barring a few ridiculous questions to guest Jason Mewes, it was a great time.   

I managed to sneak up to a microphone and churn out a question for Mr. Smith, regarding his involvement in Richard Kelly's upcoming film 'Southland Tales,' and the commentary he is doing on the 'Donnie Darko' director's cut DVD.  Kevin explained a bit about where he met Richard and how they came to be friends.  

While Kevin didn't reveal much about Southland Tales, he did say that Richard sent him the script, and it completely blew his mind.  He said it was a sort of combination of elements from 'Pulp Fiction,' 'The Player,' and 'Magnolia' (only the good parts of it), that is still nonetheless a Richard Kelly script.  He described it as a sprawling epic that he cannot wait for people to see.  He also added that Richard wants to completely change Kevin's look for the film.  He wants him to lose fifty pounds, shave his head, and his beard.  Kevin said that there was no hope on the fifty pounds, and since he is already going bald, he doesn't want to hasten the process by shaving his noggin.

Another fan asked Kevin about Clerks 2, and he said that it would be a combination of black and white and color.  He said that it is the most dirty, filthy script he has written.  He feels the need to 'dirty' himself after the watered-down 'Jersey Girl.'  He also added that Dante and Randal are even more pissed off at the world in this film, considering it is ten years later and they still work at the Quick Stop.  

While that's not much information, I thought you'd enjoy it.  The manner in which he spoke of 'Southland Tales' got me even more jazzed to see it.   



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