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FANTASTIC FOUR to beat up on a girl, rather than Spielberg & Cruise...

Hey Folks, Harry here and it seems that the folks at Fox were watching reactions to the bearded one's Super Bowl Spot - and after they saw that tumbling elevated highway - suddenly, their faith in the FANTASTIC FOUR wasn't quite as fantastic as one would hope, because they up and moved a week back to July 8th. Cuz while apparently the FANTASTIC FOUR can't kick martian, Cruise or Spielberg ass, they are confident that they can kick that witch's ass. That's right, Fox is going to pit their superhero spectacular against Nicole Kidman and Will Ferrell in BEWITCHED!

Of course Fox doesn't say they're running. According to quote in The Hollywood Reporter:

"We are not running from 'War of the Worlds,' " Fox president of distribution Bruce Snyder said. "This (new) date just works better for us."

Why does it work better for em? Could it be... it's just a little further away from... Lions Gate's UNDEAD! That's right, Fox heard they were going to try and open on the same day as a Butt-Numb-A-Thon ZOMBIE MOVIE and ran screaming in intimidation. Funny thing is - at one point Fox was courting the directors of that film to direct FANTASTIC FOUR. Now - UNDEAD muscles the film clean off its date.

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