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Raimi to direct EVIL DEAD 4... as well as produce EVIL DEAD remake!

Hey folks, Harry here with the most exciting film news since all the hubbub started on Ray Harryhausen working on a new SINBAD film. While nothing could be that cool... a New Bruce Campbell as Ash being directed by Sam Raimi movie... well - that's unspeakably cool. And something we've all been dreaming of seeing become a reality. Meanwhile - Sam is also going to be Producing with his "THE GRUDGE" & "THE BOOGEYMAN" company... GHOST HOUSE PICTURES - a remake of EVIL DEAD 1 & 2 (as a single film) to be directed by a talent with a fresh vision for it. At least - that's what he told Bloody-Disgusting.Com in a recent interview (where you'll find more details!)

The rumor I keep hearing is that Raimi is courting Chan Wook Park to do that remake - though by no means is that a done deal. Park is scheduled to shoot and finish at least 2 other films in South Korea that he's announced. And GHOST HOUSE might be wanting that project on a more accelerated pace. Personally... I just want GHOST HOUSE to get shooting on 30 DAYS OF NIGHT. That's the property they own that most cries to be a movie, right now. At least, in my opinion...

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