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WAR OF THE WORLDS Super Bowl Spot shows up online!!!

Hey folks, Harry here... I'm hoping to see the Super Bowl in surroundings somewhat better than I'm currently in. I mean... watching the game from a mono sound source that looks like a goddamn Star Trek version of a fucking drive-in speaker... only with the ability to turn a light off and on and request that one's urine be removed. Now that's REMOTE CONTROL. Have I mentioned hating being in a hospital?

In addition to just the regular pains in the ass of being in a hospital... ya know... every 2 hours having your vitals taken - only to see that my heart rate, temperature and blood pressure fluctuate at a rate of about 5% from any given moment in this room... which just fucking tells me that this isn't living, it's just treading water in a ocean of bland food, medicinal odors and a big clear clock that ticks the seconds of every hour it takes me to download the fucking super bowl trailer for WAR OF THE WORLDS. I mean... I can take a morphine shot for pain... they can give me pills to fight off infection in my newly carved leg... yet why no wifi? I mean, Austin is one of the high tech capitals in the United States... Why does my fucking hospital not provide high speed internet access... the only saving grace is TCM and THE DAILY SHOW. Jesus... just half way downloaded. ARGH!!!!! Ok, I'll be back after I've seen it... but before then - folks in talk back will no doubt be raving about having seen it. DAMMIT!

Click here to go get the WAR OF THE WORLDS Superbowl Trailer!!!

Hey folks - Seems that location has been overrun by eager folks dying to see the trailer. Which finally shows us footage that I believe is not just... SHOT FOR THE TRAILER... in fact - it feels like an abbreviated scene as opposed to an actual commercial. That elevated highway toppling is pretty damn hot looking. Haven't seen Steven doing that type of work in... well, ever. Very cool. TheMovieBox.Net seems to have the most stable download I've located thus far. But check out the various links in the talkback below if the below link doesn't function. I'll be leaving the hospital in about 2 hours and rejoining humanity (aka high speed internet access)! Here ya go...

Click Here To Go Get the Trailer at a reliable spot!

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