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Serial-Serial Shooter, Fincher, To Shoot Serial Cinema Called ZODIAC!

Hey folks, Harry here with the latest goings ons with David Fincher. Seems he's just set up a project split between Paramount and Warner Brothers concerning the Zodiac murders. The film will be based upon Robert Graysmith's two books entitled ZODIAC and ZODIAC UNMASKED. (Click the images below to read more or pick up copies of the books to read for yourself!)

Now - you may remember that Zodiac hunted his prey in San Francisco for going on a quarter of a century. Without a doubt - the killer in the first DIRTY HARRY was a nod to Zodiac, simply by referring to him as Scorpio. Now the adaptation from the Graysmith novels will be handled by James Vanderbilt, who was the screenwriter on DARKNESS FALLS, BASIC and THE RUNDOWN. Let's hope this is light years beyond his previous work. Though I did like his script for BASIC.

I just hope it's as great a film as THE BOSTON STRANGLER with Tony Curtis - which is my fave true life serial killer flick. Also of note, AUTO FOCUS was based on a Graysmith true-crime novel as well. Let's hope this one is as well adapted at that one!

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