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Seth McFarlane speaks and shows a few minutes of FAMILY GUY 4.1!!!

Ahoy, squirts! A very happy Quint here with a report from one of the many legions of spies that Harry draws to him. Much like the moon controlling the waves (and werewolves), Knowles has a power over a segment of the world's population. Must be his hot bod!

Anyway, I'm happy because I love, love, love FAMILY GUY and have been dying for any word on new and zombie-like season. This zombie season was brought back from the land of the dead by Fox thanks to the FAMILY GUY fans buying gratuitous amounts of Seasons 1-3 DVDs and now the first episode of the new season has been partially screened. I'm psyched to see the whole fam, not to mention the Evil Monkey that lives in Chris' closet. That monkey is awesome. Dear Diary... JACKPOT! Also below is info on the FAMILY GUY movie, which is going straight to video. Enjoy:

Hey Harry

I was fortunate enough to watch the hilariously funny Seth MacFarlane speak at the Ohio State Union this evening. Every time I have seen this guy he is very clean cut and very “New England” (the ads he did for Adult Swim had him in a smoking jacket). Tonight he looked and acted like a rock star wearing a leather jacket a scruffy jet lagged look. In his introduction he gave a little of his back ground which most people already know and that he watched Wimbledon on the plane and hated it wanted 100 minutes of his life back.

Any way, enough of the introduction, now to the real meat an potatoes. We were able to watch the very first public showing of episode 401 in the new season. It was a very rough cut, with only the first act being finished. But in the first episode we get to see “Peter’s Passion of the Christ”, Stewie as a plantation owner, and it is revealed that Lois is allowed to sleep with three other people aside from Peter, including Gene Simmons and Kermit the Frog” and Alice eventually does go to the moon. The DVD it was on was miss burned and we didn’t get to see the last few minutes, but judging by the response of the crowd, the 3 year hiatus hasn’t dulled his wit.

The rest of the evening was answering questions from the crowd. Some were pretty good and revealed some plot points from the upcoming season, including …

The Fighting Chicken is back as is the Angry Monkey

Ashlee Simpson has a big target on her back

The straight to DVD movie is almost done and will be another road trip adventure in which Stewie will be finding his real father. It will be coming out in the spring. No real date was given. Also, the Family Guy album, which is patterned off of the Rat Pack’s live recording at the Sands hotel in the sixties, will be out in February.

American Dad was briefly touched on, basically saying that it was pitched to FOX long before Family Guy was picked up again. It will be politically charged much like the Daily Show, picking on both sides equally for the idiocy of the system.

Seth MacFarlane was hilarious and it was so funny, that it got me thinking that he would be incredible in a Late Night Talk Show forum. He has a quick wit much like other cartoon writers turned Late Night Celebs (Conan any one?). He loved talking to us and I am thinking he will become a hot commodity on college circuits.

The last question of the evening came from a big stoner, whom MacFarlane responded, “Can you see the air around you?”

If you use this, call me Quagmire Buckeye


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