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High Res - A SCANNER DARKLY exclusive images hit right here at AICN!

Hey folks, Harry here... When I saw that image from Premiere Magazine show up online, I was sort of let down. Not by the image, but that the first image was a pixel-y low res shot - when I knew good and well that the artists working here in Austin on Linklater's production of Phillip K Dick's A SCANNER DARKLY... well, it just wasn't going to do the film any justice.

So I contacted Linklater and the producer of the film, Tommy Pallotta and asked if we could have a higher resolution image of the Premiere image. Instead, they wanted to give me 3!

These 3 images are grabs from the trailer which looks like WARNER INDEPENDENT is attaching to WB's CONSTANTINE in February! More reason to see that film, eh? Like you needed any.

Anyway, just got off the horn with Tommy and as is revealed from the images... he told me that they're going for a far more realistic look for the animation, than they did on A WAKING LIFE. The reason is obvious. On that film, the movie was episodic and lent itself to a variety of freeform styles that the artists had a freedom to explore. Here, he says there's far more thought and effort going into designing the scenes and frankly, they're designing much of the film in animation. Also, most of the animators for this project are coming out of the world of illustration and are graphic novel artists - so what we'll eventually get when it is done will be the closest thing we're likely to get to a living graphic novel telling of A SCANNER DARKLY... and that... that's way cool.

Here are the images... Click on them to Enlarge... enjoy:

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