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Jackson and Boyens confirm THE LOVELY BONES as their KONG follow-up!!!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here with some confirmation on Peter Jackson's next project. As a Christmas gift 3 years ago, my buddy Kraken got me a Charter Membership to the LOTR fan club and with that membership I got a few really neat 11X18 glossy prints from FELLOWSHIP, my name in the credits of all three Extended Editions and a 3 year subscription to the Offical Fan Club Magazine.

Well, the ride is over and the last issue arrived in the mail yesterday, complete with a Q&A with Peter Jackson and Philippa Boyens (co-writer, lovely lady and forever Queen of the Geeks). In the Q&A they both confirm that their next project after KING KONG is THE LOVELY BONES, a much smaller character driven story narrated by the spirit of a young girl who was raped and murdered as she watches her family and friends deal with her death. She also watches her murderer and follows the events in his life.


Philippa responded with: Our next project after KING KONG is THE LOVELY BONES. We feel comfortable with each other. I am sure there will be other projects we do separately, but at the moment, as long as it works, we'll keep doing it.

Peter also says, "Well, the plan is to make THE LOVELY BONES after KING KONG" when answering a question about his future shooting in New Zealand.

As we all know, plans can change. There is that rumor that has been going around about a WW1 flick to be done after KONG. Personally, I'm excited for either. When Peter focuses on material he loves, he seems to have a way of making great films out of said material. LOTR, from what I've seen of KONG, BRAINDEAD, etc. His love for WW1 is astounding, to the point that he owns a few WW1 planes and a tank. THE LOVELY BONES (book by Alice Sebold) would have Peter and Fran returning to their HEAVENLY CREATURES roots, the intimate (and kind of fucked up) look at a small group of characters with some fantasy elements thrown in.

Anyway, THE LOVELY BONES seems to be in the crosshairs of both Peter and Philippa to be done after KONG. Until we hear otherwise, that's what I got on this one.


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