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After Earthquake & Tsunamis - Jet Li is Missing... No More!!!

Good work with those well wishes and good thoughts! Read and smile... but keep sending good thoughts to the region!

Linked from Jet Li's website and translated via Babelfish:

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Li Lianjie and the Hong Kong manager obtain the telephone contact

2004-12-27 3.40 PM

(Comprehensive report) travels in the Maldives actually meets with the tsunami attack, Li Lianjie with the Hong Kong manager telephone relation, the husbands and wives two people with has at present accompanied to determine the all is well to Mr. and Mrs. Hua Qiang. After thrillingly meets the tsunami macroseism, Li Lianjie a pedestrian has prepared building machine to leave the Maldives.

According to the foreign news dispatch news, receives the earthquake tsunami attack the Maldives airport, just only then again foreign opened, many fortunately survived the tourist rushed to be first leaves the country. According to estimated that, the quite several hundred people are stranded in the locality, after the airport reopens, the first class the flight which takes off leaves is the Sri Lanka airline's flight.

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Hey folks, Harry here... With the recent gigantic tragedy in the "Ring of Fire" area, the tremendous loss of life... I'm sure many of us are sending good thoughts and hopes for those missing. I just got word that an actor dear to the hearts of film lovers everywhere is now missing. That doesn't mean he's passed away, only that he is missing now. According to the report below, he was on vacation with his family on the Maldives Islands... which unfortunately were devastated by the mammoth waves resulting from that earthquake. Let's all send the best prayers and hopes that Jet and his family are well... along with as many others of the missing.

Hi there Harry,  

Just wanted to let you know that Jet Li is missing after the big Earthquake in Asia. According to the Taiwanese tv-station TVBS he was on holiday in the Maldives-islands with his wife and children. His manager tried to get in contact with Li after the tsunami's destroyed most of those islands but can't get hold of him. He's officially on the missing persons-list for the Maldives.  



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