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TV Guide: Whedon WONDER WOMAN A Weality''

I am – Hercules!!

“TV Guide has learned …”

TV Guide’s Mike Ausiello appears to confirm Monday the rumor we reported last Tuesday regarding Joss Whedon being close to a deal to write and direct a “Wonder Woman” feature for Warner Bros. and producer Joel Silver.

(Hey, I just remembered something. On a visit to the fabulous “Serenity” set last summer, Ain’t It Cool asked Whedon what his favorite movie was, and the Buffiverse mastermind said it was probably Warner Bros. and Joel Silver’s “The Matrix.” Hey now.)

“Meanwhile, there's no word on who Whedon may tap to fill Lynda Carter's satin tights,” continues Ausiello, “but I'm going to go out on a limb and throw Sarah Michelle Gellar's name into the mix.”

Mike, if you’re reading this (and something tells me you might be), I’ll bet you $200 Gellar’s dainty toes do not find their way into Princess Diana’s big-screen boots. I could be wrong, but I think fans might be skittish if the actress playing the famed Amazon warrior weighed less than 99 pounds.

5’8” “Serenity” star Summer Glau, 23, seemed less than shocked to hear word of Whedon Wonder Woman when the folks at Inland Empire Strikes Back interviewed her last week at Universal’s “Meet the Fockers” premiere. Glau even came prepared to name her choice to play WW: her 5’10” 35-year-old “Serenity” co-star Gina Torres. Another veteran of that “Matrix” trilogy. Hey now.

I could spend the rest of the day imagining hot actresses doing one-footed spins.

Those latter-day “Matrix” movies also co-starred 5’10” 40-year-old Italian hottie Monica Bellucci.

5’11” Netherlands native Famke Janssen just turned 39, but she got away with playing the girlfriend of James “Cyclops” Marsden, who’s eight years younger.

5’10” Charlize Theron (29) and 5’11” Nicole Kidman (36) are also bona fide foreigners, but expensive bona fide foreigners.

Charisma Carpenter (34), the tallest of the Scooby girls at 5’7 and change, has big American breasts, and to me looks more like Wonder Woman than any of these movie actresses.

Speaking of Americans, 6’ Uma Thurman (34) and 5’9” Jennifer Garner (32) have been depicted beating up boys in the past.

Brazilian "Serenity" star Morena Baccarin (25) also looks perfect for role, save for being maybe a little shrimpy.

Does Canadian Evangeline Lilly (25) have any plans for her “Lost” hiatus? She’s only 5’6” - but there was that bathing scene in the pilot that convinces me she’d fit the role.

I’ll be in my bunk.

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