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HITCHHIKER'S GUIDE extravaganza! An early review, preproduction art and behind the scenes footage!!!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here with a bunch of HITCHHIKER'S GUIDE TO THE GALAXY stuff for you folks. First we have a behind the short behind the scenes clip that aired on BBC... The first time you'll see the hilariously funny Martin Freeman as Arthur Dent and Sam Rockwell, one of the best character actors working today, as Zaphod Beeblebrox. Check it out, but come back for more HITCHHIKER'S goodness!


Wasn't that fun? Now for all you fans upset that Zaphod has only one head, according to producer Robbie Stamp at this year's BNAT, Zaphod does have a second head, it's just not where you'd expect it to be. According to Zaphod's second head is in his nose!

I understand that in the movie, Zaphod's second head is inside his nostril. And this all ties in with the increased prominence of the Church Of Arkleseizure in the movie (a race with fifty noses, and the first to develop the aerosol deodorant before the wheel) and their leader John Malkovich, who also has a second head, and Zaphod's unwillingness to sneeze.

Thanks to sickBoy and Rich Johnson for the heads up (pardon the pun). OK, now for that preproduction art! Deep Thought and more!


I'm only one chapter into Adams' tome of collected HITCHHIKER works and it already owns me. I can't believe it's taken me so long to start reading this series! Anyway, we got this review in from a super-early screening of the film. It's a little light on detail, but I do know that the film has had a test screening recently, so I don't doubt the validity of the review. Enjoy!

First, I need to preface this review by leaving my nerd credentials at the door. I have not read Douglas Adams’ series of books, nor have I heard the HITCHHIKER GUIDE TO THE GALAXY radio show. The only knowledge I had of Adams’ works is what I had read on-line prior to the screening, so that maybe I would be able to get some of the inside jokes.

Having said that, I loved this movie. For those of you who don’t know this is your basic boy meets girl, boy loses girl to president of the galaxy, boy’s planet is destroyed, boy finds girl and travels through the galaxy in search of the ultimate question. You know, the usual.

It must be said that if you’re expecting another epic classic in the same vein of LORD OF THE RINGS, then this is not that movie. What you have here is great British humor, amazing characters played superbly by an outstanding cast, and Sci-Fi that reminds me of DR. WHO and SPACE BALLS. So, if you’re not going to enjoy a movie that opens with a song about Dolphin’s leaving the planet with the message, “So long and thanks for all the fish.” Then you might want to stay home.

My biggest fear going into this film was Mos Def playing Ford Perfect. While his first few lines fall flat, once Arthur (Martin Freeman) and he go into the bar where Ford tells Arthur about the impending doom of planet Earth he fits comfortably into the character. Although there are a couple more spots where he falls a little flat, that's nothing a little over dubbing won’t fix.

Warwick Davis’ Marvin the depressed android steals the show. His perfect monotone cadence and pitiful attitude make for a great contrast for the rest of the Heart of Gold’s upbeat mood.

For a first screening the only elements of the film that were missing where some of the effects. Often times in a screening like this you can notice moments that need to be cut or lengthened, but with this the pacing is spot on. The fact that a lot of the F/X are practical definitely gave the film a more realistic look if that’s even possible.

My suggestion was this: Finish the F/X and you’re gold.

-Cracker Thompson

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