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Hey folks, Harry here... One of the great things I loved doing at BNAT 6 this year were the various little presentations and peeks at some of the huge spectacular films waiting for us much later in 2005. In particular, my most favorite was the HITCHHIKER'S GUIDE TO THE GALAXY SlideShow put on by Producer Robbie Stamp - who was just so passionate and so Douglas infected that you could just feel the love he had for the project and the audience as well as myself reacted wonderfully. Before the last film of the evening was a very cool special peek behind the scenes of THE CHRONICLES OF NARNIA: THE LION, THE WITCH & THE WARDROBE! This actually has the very first real footage I've seen from the film and having man-god Richard Taylor talking at BNAT is always a joy. The cheers that shot from the crowd at the sighting of the word: WETA was a very clear indication of where fandom's heart is now. Add on KNB's excellent work in bringing Weta's designs to life, especially with that Minotaur, and we could have another great Fantasy series to look forward to. Take an exclusive peek here:


In addition to the above, Disney has provided 3 gorgeous production art shots of the real world portion of NARNIA... If they capture that sort of vibrancy this could really be something! BTW: These Pics First Showed Up on DarkHorizons, though I didn't see them due to Berlin Travel and Prepping for BNAT - and Disney didn't tell me that when they sent them. Apologies to Garth, and Here ya go...

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