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Take An Everlasting Tab Of LSD and Watch The New CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY Trailer! Trippy!

Hey folks, Harry here... just got this. The trailer is on 99 flavors of crack without a square of Charmin to wipe. It's mondo bizarro - and it scares me. Mommy, I wanna go home! Johnny Depp looks... well... he looks... He looks like he's coming for your soul. And he knows it is delicious! And that dentist. Man, you walk into a dentist office and see that man with tooth tools... RUN! The film looks absolutely unhinged, as a Wonka film should. And that song... it is playing and replaying in my mind like a damnedable jingle of mouseketeer sirens luring me to my death. BEWARE! This is some SCARY Stuff. Dahl might have been quite proud of this version of CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY...

Click For The Exceptionally Bizzare!

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