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Pics from SOLDIER...

Well this trailer should be hitting the net soon, since it's attached to some prints of THE AVENGERS, and according to Father Geek, the trailer kicks some ass pretty hard. As for this film existing in the Blade Runner universe... well, the script has a couple of references, but the derelict spinner sort of sets this up in stone I guess, and there is the Tannhauser Gate sequence...

Hi, I'm Gerry, the co-president of BladeZone, the Blade Runner Fanclub. latest info from Nate at ALZ's BR site is that David People's, the writer who co-scripted Blade Runner, wrote Soldier, starring Kurt Russell and Jason Scott Lee.

People's apparently called this film a "sidequel" to Blade Runner. One shot from the film shows Russell in action and another shows a derelict spinner in the foreground. Both images are with this e-mail.

These two sites have info if you are interetsed.

If you attempt to go to our site, BladeZone, we are having some server side problems.



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