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Harry Potter mania... underwater in GOBLET, crew for PHOENIX, and Cuaron possibly returning to the series'

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here with a bunch of news and rumors from the world of Harry Potter. There's really only one bit of rumor to this bunch of goodness and that's about Alfonso Cuaron's return to the series. Over at the main source for Harry Potter news THE LEAKY CAULDRON they have a bit from an interview Cuaron did for the DVD release of HARRY POTTER AND THE PRISONER OF AZKABAN in which he talks about possibly returning to the series.

"Later on if I could I would love to come back and work on another Harry Potter film. It's a gift, it's a gift. It was one of the best years of my life, doing this film."

I'm of the opinion that AZKABAN is the only HARRY POTTER film to work completely as a movie, even if there were a few things from the book that were left out. But, hey... in the first two films we had a lot left out as well. Don't get me wrong, the first two flicks succeeded in many areas, but I feel AZKABAN is the first that actually captured the tone of the books. So, I'm all for Cuaron coming back and the fact that he's signed a 3 year deal at WB opens the door for that to happen for Book 6 or Book 7.

Over at THIS SITE you can find a picture taken during the last day of shooting of the second task from GOBLET OF FIRE, which takes place under water. It's a group shot that Radcliffe is apparently using as his Christmas card, which you yourself can get if you write to him (info on the above linked site). So, go on over the to oogle the boy wizard in his swimming attire!!! And no, I don't think that's Hermione, you sickos (I'm talking to you, Knowles!!!)

There has also been a lot of movement on ORDER OF THE PHOENIX in recent days. It seems that a relatively unknown director by the name of David Yates has landed the gig. He seems to have lots of UK television experience, but I have no handle on what kind of work to expect from him. I'm sure he must have done something special to convince WB to let him helm the next installment of this huge franchise.

Steve Kloves, who has adapted every HARRY POTTER film to date, is leaving the series as well, with Michael Goldenberg (PETER PAN, CONTACT) scripting ORDER OF THE PHOENIX, with J.K. Rowling's final approval, of course.

It's an interesting time in the Harry Potter universe, a changing of the guards as it were. I'm curious to see what a new writer and brand-spankin' new director do with the material. What do you folks think?

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