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EVIL DEAD... the remake' Whaaaaa''''

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here with some interesting news. We've been hearing for a month or so now that Raimi put a halt to FREDDY VS JASON VS ASH because he had other plans for the character and didn't want to give him up just yet. Soon after that, I started hearing rumblings that Raimi wasn't going to be doing EVIL DEAD 4, but rather an EVIL DEAD remake. Now, Variety has confirmed that.

Also confirmed is that Raimi will only produce the film through Ghost House and not direct. No mention if Bruce will be returning to the role.

I'm a little bit conflicted with this news, mostly because of the giant question mark about Campbell's involvement (outside of producing). There is no other Ash. Making an EVIL DEAD movie not directed by Raimi and not starring Bruce Campbell as Ash would be a big, big mistake in my opinion. Although, Harry tells me that a little bird told him that Raimi was in talks with a famed asian director noted for electrocution, incest and making the most out of a Craftsman Hammer. If that happens, then my indecision will be leaning a lot towards the "can't friggin' wait!" side, but without Campbell as Ash then there is no point.

Who knows? Maybe Raimi's got another card up his sleeve and this is just one of a couple EVIL DEAD universe related projects. Maybe he's still planning EVIL DEAD 4 after SPIDEY 3. I know I'd rather see a continuation of the series rather than another remake of EVIL DEAD. They did it perfectly with EVIL DEAD 2, kinda struck that odd balance of being a rema-sequel, so why do it again? Who knows, but for now that's what is out there. I'll dig around a bit and see if I can't dig up anything more on what Raimi is doing. So, gather your 49 Anchor Bay editions of EVIL DEAD, EVIL DEAD 2 and ARMY OF DARKNESS and wonder at what the future holds!

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