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About That REVENGE OF THE SITH Presentation Of The First Eight Minutes...

Hi, everyone. "Moriarty" here with some Rumblings From The Lab...

Seven minutes. Eight minutes. What’s the difference? The point is, there are a lot of companies that are now seeing the presentation, and I’ve gotten verification from about a dozen different people. This one has some of the coolest details I’ve heard yet, including a description of the opening shot that just plain makes me giddy:


One of the few places I visit on a day-to-day basis is AINTITCOOL! I just read the review posted by Remo and thought I would add a little detail.

I happen to work for a company that is going to sell a LOT of merchandise for Lucas. Part of that marketing strategy was presented in a brilliant format .... Lord Vader requests your presence to discuss his plans .... There was TONS of merchandise from toys, to graphic novels, to bed sheets. I was in awe. One of the rooms that was set up was for the "marketing presentation". I reluctantly entered as I didn't want to waste a lot of time. However, once I entered the room and saw the double row of leather couches, and the line of speakers (go-go THX) I knew I was in for something great.

Once the presenter had concluded the presentation, they said something like "and now here is the first 7 minutes of the next Star Wars film".

The room went dark and the scroll began, setting up the movie, describing how Palpatine had been kidnapped. The screen cuts to a planet we all recognize a Coruscant, very quietly a star ship begins to come into view. Ther is almost no sound except for the engines of the ship. We follow this in until it fills the entire screen and slowly we rotate "underneath", between the ship and the planet. Once we get here the noise starts in and we get our first view of the battle in progress. Note: it was about here that I crapped my pants the first time. The camera follows in Anakin and Obi-wan's Jedi fighters. However, you can plainly see that Anakin has modified his. The front part of his cockpit has been replaced with a view window that looks like a Tie-Fighter. He and Obi-wan then spend the next 5 minutes in a desperate attempt to get to the ship holding Palpatine.

Let me just say that if you took all of the space battles from all of the Star Wars movies they would not come close to what I saw in the first 7 minutes of this film. Epic is the ONLY word I can use to describe what I saw. In addition to the numerous small fighters and droids that are deployed against the Jedi, the background is filled with Star Destroyer level ships. This continues until Obi-wan's ship gets hit with "Buzz-Bots" and the droids begin tearing his ship apart, including destroying his astromech droid.

I had generally bad attitude towards Revenge of the Sith, and still believe that Lucas will &*%$ things up, but what I saw in those 7 minutes made took my breath away. I was BLOWN AWAY by what was done to pull the audience in. And we never got to any of the personal battles between the Jedi and Sith!

Well, I hope you can find something in my ramblings that you can use.

Just call me .....Lark

I’ll have the new Jedi Council up sometime tomorrow, so until then, this should give you fellow SW geeks something fun to chew on.

"Moriarty" out.

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