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Dini Spills More Secrets of LOST!!

I am – Hercules!!

Paul Dini, the veteran cartoon writer who made the leap to live action last week by co-writing last week’s Charlie-centric installment of “Lost,” attended something called WizardWorld in Dallas. “Ranger1138” wrote in to the Dark Horizons website with what Dini had to say.

Some of the revelations:

* This week Charlie will accuse Hurley of hoarding food - because Hurley never gets any skinnier.

* Sayid’s torture of Sawyer this week will involve fingernails and sharp objects.

* Each “Lost” writer had to pull three names out of a hat. Dini got Locke, Sawyer and Sun and was instructed to write a history for each of the three. Dini says Locke having the same name as the philosopher is not a coincidence.

* “… the monster is sort of a reflection of yourself. The pilot saw it in horror and he was killed because he feared the monster. Locke saw the monster with true awe, therefore, he was able to survive his encounter.”

* Though we may never see the entire monster, Dini says it may be "a Loch Ness Monster kind of thing.”

* When the idea was to have Jack killed off in the pilot, the creators discussed casting Michael Keaton as Jack.

* The characters of Scott and Steve, introduced last week, will soon have speaking parts.

* At least one main character and several minor ones will die before season’s end.

* Mira Furlan will soon be introduced in a “very important role." Invisotext on: It’s been reported elsewhere that Furlan will play the French woman we heard at the end of the series’ second hour. She'll turn up next week, if not sooner.

Read the entire Dark Horizons post here.

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