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Verhoeven's heart troubles delay production of ZWARTBOEK (aka BLACKBOOK)!!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here with something that worried me a bit. I love, love, love Paul Verhoeven. ROBOCOP, TOTAL RECALL, STARSHIP TROOPERS... even SHOWGIRLS are unique and amazingly entertaining, and that's not even touching upon his early work! It seems he has just undergone surgery for a heart condition. The details are below, but I'd like to send my best wishes and positive thoughts to the man as he recovers. I think he's still got some great work in him... I'll just pretend HOLLOW MAN wasn't as disappointing as it turned out to be. hehe Anyway, here's the info!


A couple of days ago the production of Paul Verhoeven's new dutch film Zwartboek ("Blackbook") were delayed...

Production company didn't give an explanation.

Today I read that Paul Verhoeven is dealing with heart problems :S

He was operated on 18 october in a hospital in L.A. Now he's recovering in his home in L.A. Just wanted to inform you about the status of Zwartbioek and more importantly of Paul Verhoeven. Hope he gets well soon. Production should start in 2005.  

greetings Dutch-C.  

source: (it's in dutch)

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