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Millar concedes to Knowles and an interesting Jimmy Olsen rumor...

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here with a final update for the night. This one is a two parter. First up is an email sent to AICN from Mark Millar regarding his concession over the whole $1000 bet over who will wear the Red, Yellow and Blue. If you're not familiar with the bet, read this! or click on the link below to get the full details.

I was torn about posting this because Millar seems like a really cool guy and I didn't want this to come off as any sort of celebration where AICN rubs shit into his face. But I know that many of you readers really wanted to know the outcome of the bet, so here it is. Millar has taken the loss in a very gentleman-like way and he's already cut his check to his needy charity, which is very much a stand-up thing to do since the provision of the bet was who will be Supes when the cameras roll. Obviously, we're still a bit from that happening. Here's the email... These are Millar's words, by the way... The subject line was HARRY WINS THE SUPERMAN BET and the rest is as follows:

...and Millar eats some shit:


On a secondary note, earlier today I was visited by a mischevious imp from the 5th dimension... I can't spell his name... hell, I can't even pronounce his name... but he had some very interesting information regarding who's in the lead for Jimmy Olsen. It's obvious if you think about it... I know Topher Grace has been rumored, but according to that pesky 5th Dimension imp that rumor is cold as ice. What I'm hearing is none other than Bobby Drake, the Iceman himself, is lining up to be everyone's favorite cub reporter. Will Shawn Ashmore ultimately end up as Jimmy Olsen when the cameras roll? It sounds right, but you can never tell. That damn little imp loves to pull fast ones, but I believe he could be on the up and up this time around. I'll try to nail down this rumor soon, but in the mean time what do you folks think of Ashmore as Olsen?

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