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X3!! SUPERMAN!! ANGEL!! FAITH!! SERENITY!! Herc Reports On The Whedon Kerry Fundraiser!!

Just got back from the big “High Stakes: Whedon Fans For Kerry-Edwards” rally in Hollywood, with bits of exciting and less-than-exciting news:

* Joss told the world he will not be writing and directing “X3.” “After looking deep into my heart,” he confessed to thousands over a conference call, “I realized that Fox did not ask me to write and direct ‘X3’.”

* I asked Joss about the fake-sounding rumors suggesting that the WB wants to revive the “Angel” series. He said no one has contacted him about it.

* Joss said he is "salivating" to do a "Faith" spinoff series if Eliza Dushku wants to. Dushku, who played the angry slayer on "Buffy" and "Angel," recently said publicly she believed Fox had finally cancelled her most recent starring vehicle, "Tru Calling."

* Joss related that in "Serenity," we rejoin the crew several months after the events of the "Firefly" series, but that the movie actually begins before the events of the "Firefly" pilot, if you care to wrap your head around that.

* Joss told the telephonically assembled that he was at work on a spec feature that has nothing to do with anything he or anyone else had ever done before. He told a few gathered fans afterward that the resulting motion picture would incorporate sci-fi, fantasy, action, horror, drama, comedy and several other genres I no longer remember.

* Someone asked Joss if he'd make Wolverine wear yellow spandex in any "X-Men" movie he'd direct in the future. Joss assured all assembled that the yellow-spandex look was good for the comics but would not work in a movie.

* I got to harass the even-cuter-in-real-life, smiley and very pregnant (and shockingly tall!) Amy Acker, who, contrary to rumor, says she has never auditioned to play Lois Lane in the next “Superman” movie (but would like Bryan Singer and Warner Bros. to know she'd very much like to).

* I got all slack-jawed and weak-kneed and girly in front of a short-haired and also very smiley Alyson Hannigan, but managed to ask if she was moving next into features or more TV development (her pilot wasn’t picked up last May). She said features, but seemed uncertain at this point which feature she’d pursue.

* Ran into the very cool Danny Strong at the CineSpace bar. Danny, who’s already played Rory’s editor at the Yale Daily News in four “Gilmore Girls” installments, says he’ll be appearing at least twice more on the show this season. He's also completed an indie feature, "Veritas, The Prince of Truth," which hasn't yet attracted a distributor.

* I ran into Tom Lenk, looking very hobbity these days, in the CineSpace men’s room, where he was up to something. I’m not sure I’m comfortable relating the whole story, but it ends with Tom telling me I didn’t have “the right tattoo.”

* For the talkbacker who asked, I saw Nick Brendon there, but I didn't get to bother him. All I can tell you is his hair is really short. Andy Hallett did not come.

I sound just like Kristin over at E!, yes? This, of course, this is just what I remember at the moment. Keep watching the High Stakes website. My understanding is that at some point people will be able to call a number and hear for themselves the conference call in its entirety. (You don't want to miss Joss' theory as to why Sunnydale County probably voted Republican.) Finally, I just want to reiterate something I think I said after the “Buffy Bash” last year: Joss Whedon’s fans are the best-looking people not working fashion runaways in New York or Paris. One hot fan after another. And they’re smart and nice and cool too! Study up on those “Buffy,” “Angel” and “Firefly” DVDs, boys. You are losing access to some quality genetics!

I am – Hercules!!

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