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Are we gonna see The Eighth Wonder of the World on the IMAX screen' Is Kong too big for 35mm'

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here with a nice little rumor about the release of Peter Jackson's KING KONG... I know, it's a little early considering we're about 14 months away, but it's a juicy little tidbit anyway. I'll give you the words straight from the scooper then come back afterwards to discuss.

Hey All, I have written you all before. I attended a meeting today between Regal Entertainment Group execs and IMAX Corp. execs. We were shown footage and told of future IMAX projects. The first piece of footage we saw were a few minutes of of the film Robots. This will be an amazing film in IMAX if you have seen the trailer. The second piece of film we saw was a montage of Lord of the Rings footage. Now, we were told that we should not go out and tell everyone that they are releasing LOTR in IMAX because they are not. BUT, we were told that the footage we were being shown was parts of a demo reel that IMAX did for Peter Jackson. They said he loved it and to not be surprised in a few months when we hear the news that a new Peter Jackson movie will be formatted for the IMAX screen. aka, you guessed it, King Kong. I think it will be amazing to see King Kong 9 stories tall!  The cool thing we were told is that IMAX will not alter a film against the director's wishes. Sam Raimi wanted the widescreen format of Spidey 2 so that the whole picture could be shown, whereas George Lucas allowed AOTC to be cropped in order to get a bigger picture. The LOTR footage we saw was almost the full screen because Peter liked it.  


I know from reports a while back that Peter was tentatively looking into the 3-D process, which he quickly dismissed, thankfully. So, it doesn't really surprise me that he'd consider doing a special IMAX release (which I imagine would be along the lines of what Sony did with SPIDEY 2 and what WB did with PRISONER OF AZKABAN), especially now that most IMAXs have adapted to being able to project features over 2 hours long. That isn't to say that this is a sure thing, but I'd be surprised if they aren't seriously considering doing a smaller release on IMAX for the flick. After the things I've seen regarding this film... I'm not sure if even 70mm is big enough for the imagination behind it. I can't say anything more at the moment except that I did spend some time on the KONG set last month and I will be able to write up some reports for you in the near future, so keep an eye on the site, squirts! In the mean time... just imagine seeing that big, horny brute whooping up on some dinos on a 70 foot tall screen! Bliss, I tell you!!

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