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Hey ya Herc,

Tonight I was lucky enough to see a sneak preview of the first 2 episodes of the new season of The O.C. Not that it really matters (but to prove it’s legit) my university, in cahoots with Victoria’s Secret, sponsored this event and it was also held at 19 other universities. So on to the spoilers I guess!


The season starts pretty much how it ended. Sandy and Kristen are remodeling their home, which is only accented by the copious amounts of shirtless men wandering around, Seth and Ryan are no where to be seen and Kristen is not happy about this. She and Sandy get into a bit of a tiff and she demands that he bring Seth home. After this the current situation of each character is shown separately. Seth is held up with Luke in Portland working as a sailboat instructor and won’t come home until Ryan does. Ryan is in Chino with the very un-pregnant looking Theresa working as a construction worker. Marissa and Summer are doing what scorned woman do best: being pissing and "moving on". However Marissa has retrograded back into being a drunk and perfecting the art of making an "Orange County Iced Tea". Caleb is being paranoid, and for a good reason, while Julie spends his money and decides to send her almost nonexistent second daughter away to boarding school. Jimmy has tons of money and is living happily on a yacht with Hailey.

This serves as the lets-get-everything-back-the-way-it-was episode. Which means bringing Seth and Ryan back to the O.C. In short Kristen calls Seth to get him to come home and it’s a no go; Sandy flies out to Portland, but not before providing Ryan with a plane ticket of his very own much to the chagrin of Theresa, to try and get him back. This causes Seth to get his panties all in a twist and proclaim that he is not coming back unless Ryan does too. Finally the Cohen’s secret weapon, Ryan, makes a move. Ryan tells Seth that he is not coming back due to the baby but he (Seth) should, Seth says no. Then, in a perfect timing sort a way, Ryan gets a phone call from Theresa: she "lost" the baby and that means that he can move back out to the O.C (Ps. She is lying, which is pretty obvious but it’s the best thing "for her, Ryan and the baby". End of Ep.

It’s a pretty good start to the new season. The humor was not as in force as usual and watch out for Marissa’s dramatic __expression of her inner despair and her hatred of pool side furniture. Other than that it’s a good one.


The boys make it back to Orange County and all is well. Things are pretty much back to normal. The boys discuss going back to school and confronting the girls. Both decide that they will apologize. Cut to school the next day Marissa welcomes Ryan with open arms while Summer does the total opposite. Ryan goes to see the new and oh-so-supportive guidance counselor who encourages him to go to college and be all that he can be. It also turns out that he has a bit of the "Good Will Hunting" gene. Seth has a brief encounter with Summer, who is really taking the "hell hath no fury" quote to heart and hitting him with the hard left hook of "I have a boyfriend". Seth makes a comic book club and at its first meeting he encounters his water polo playing doppelganger, Zach. Zach turns out to be Summer’s new Seth. Also, Marissa moved on from Ryan more than she originally let on and she is macking it with her lawn boy. Lawn boy sees her and Ryan kiss and gets mad. Ryan then sees her kissing the Lawn boy and gets pissed. The climax of Ryan-Marissa, Seth-Summer story line ends at a carnival. Marissa tells Ryan that her and Lawn Boy have broken up and Ryan puts his foot down and pretty much calls her a whore. Meanwhile, Seth tries to get Summer back by standing on a giant hotdog and re-proclaiming his love for her. This does not work and he tries it again, except this time a car almost hits him, and Summer still shoots him down.

In other news, Hailey gets offered a job in Japan and decides to take, causing Jimmy to spontaneously propose then get rejected. Caleb knows he is going to be indited, for things he did not do, and decides to get drunk. Sandy brings him back to his house and runs into Julie who tells him that if Caleb goes down Krisitin goes down with him. The episode ends with Caleb getting arrested.

This ep was definitely more O.C-esque. The humor and wit are back. I can’t really think of anything to really complain about.

Sorry it’s so long but if you use it just call me Prophecy Girl (an obvious Buffy rip).

“The O.C.” returns to Fox Nov. 4

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