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Bryan Singer on SUPERMAN!

Hey folks, Harry here... And straight from Bryan Singer's mouth to a room full of attendees - Brandon Routh is confirmed and there's quite a few more details - including one that will have us all humming Supes' proper theme again!

I just attended the screening of X2: X Men United at the Arclight Cinemas in Hollywood tonight, where Brian Singer made a special appearance and answered some questions regarding the movie. People filled out cards with questions and turned them in and he answered them directly.  

I decided to go for the gold and ask about Superman, and he actually addressed my question. My question was, "What can you tell us about Superman?" and he asked me point blank, "What do you want to know?"  

Since the news about Brandon Routh being casted hasn't really been officially been confirmed by the WB, as far as I know, I asked that first, and he responded first by correcting my pronunciation of his name (Rowth) and then said, "As of today, yes. He's Superman. He has the perfect physicality for the role and will be great."  

He then went on to tell us about how he actually pitched his idea to Richard Donner, director of the original Superman movie, to get his approval first. Donner apparently loved it and then Singer went to Warner Brothers with his idea.  

He's going to stay very true to Donner's vision of the Superman mythos, saying that the three most important aspects of the character are young Clark, the Clark facade, and Superman himself.  

He asked if there was anything else and I presented him with the most important aspect I could think of. "Will you use John Williams music in the movie?"  

He looked at me dead on and said very boldly, "Yes. Definitely yes."

The audience went nuts with this news.  

This is going to be an incredible movie. It couldn't possibly be in better hands.

here's the news from a couple days ago and the screening then of THE USUAL SUSPECTS...

I just attended a screening of The Usual Suspects at USC (I am a film student), and after the screening, Bryan Singer was onhand to answer questions; needless to say, he was inandated with them.

First off, he was very nervous about replying to questions about the casting of Superman; however at one point he slipped up, and spoke of how he just finished an awesome test with someone which was shot in 60mm film for Superman. He said that, "if I had cast Superman, I spoke to the actor, and he is very happy about the decision...". He slipped up and revealed that Superman had been cast.

Secondly, he talked about the suit and what it is going to look like. He said it will be very traditional, but that it will take advantage of the things that were learned on Spiderman. He said that spandex tends to remove definition from someone's build, and that they are going to have to shade the costume to add the effect that the actor is more toned than he really is.

He also talked about how and his writing parterns crafted a story which could be compared to Tim Burton's Batman (1989). He said that he is going to have the first two films serve as a sort of vague history, and that this next film will pick up after Superman has been gone for 6 years. He said that the story is going to approach Superman as sort of being a returning Messiah (sp). Singer also had an interesting comment that people in the movie sort of wish that Superman had never existed, because once he disappeared, the world fell into chaos.

Singer also divulged some really cool stuff about some sequences and some of the riggs that have been constructed. He said that they have created a rigg which has the capability to "fly" the actor at speeds of up to 40 mph a distance as far as 3 football fields!!! It was amazing stuff, and he said that almost all of the major sequences have already been pre-visualized.

I am not sure that he said much, else; but he pretty much confirmed that Routh has been cast.

One last thing I am remembering; he said that he really wanted to have Reeve make a cameo, and that because they are shooting in Australia (this was his idea before Reeve passed away), he was going to try to do something similar to what was done for that SuperBowl commercial a few years ago; using CGI he was going to try to have Reeve make a cameo while walking! Really exciting stuff!

You guys have been starved for information, and I thought this would tide you over!


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