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Brief review of A VERY LONG ENGAGEMENT, oh and Jeunet and Harry Potter!'!

Hey folks, Harry here with a brief glimpse from a young French film fan that was lucky enough to attend a pretty great sounding screening of A VERY LONG ENGAGEMENT - and ... well, I'll let you read, but remember English is not his primary language, he's doing his best...

Hye Harry !

First of all, sorry if you find mistakes in my review. I'm 19, I'm French, and I don't speak fluently enough english... If you want to us it, you'll probably have to correct mistakes

I attended yesterday evening one of the first exclusive screenings of A Very Long Engagement, the news film of JP Jeunet, which will be released october 27th in France.

I simply loved this movie. This may probably not be the best of the year, but it is, at least, wonderful. Once more, Jeunet's work made me happy, and I'm still since the end of the movie... The photography is magnificent, the actors are perfect. Audrey Tautou's face is always so photogenic. Seeing her face in a 20m-weight screen gives so many feelings...

The story is poignant. The facts are very strong but, Jeunet's magic is everywhere. He gives humour to the story, tells us the story of each one of his characters. Mathilde was born the first of january 1900. Nice to find her age... This movie is an ode for life, love and hope. We find in this movie some of the little things, which made of Amelie one of my beloved masterpieces. And this movie is our last chance to see Ticky Holgado, a marvellous actor who past away this summer.

The screening means 128 minutes of happiness. Locations are beautiful, the pictures of Paris in 1900 are realistic, the music is sweet and emotional. This movie deserves to be seen. Really !

To tell everything, Mr Jeunet was here for the screening, with the actors : Audrey Tautou, Dominique Pinon and Chantal Neuwirth. They debated about half an hour with some lucky members of the audience. Jeunet told us he had today to met Warner's officals to talk about " a little boy who learns magic and flies on a broom" But of course, he said he wasn't interested in it, and had no idea about his next movie. But I'm sure it'll great !

Sincerely yours !


Here's a bit more clarafication regarding the Potter stuff...

Hi harry,

I went to see the latest Jean pierre Jeunet's film yesterday night,A very long engagement, which is pretty good but definetely not his best work. Anyway this is not the reason why I'm writing this. Jeunet was here last night,( I live in nantes, the greatest french city!) it was a premiere, and we asked him about his plans. he said he didn't have any ideas for a next movie, but he added that he had a meeting today with american executives about a movie with, and that's what he said: "a little wizard with his broom". Given that his latest movie is a Warner movie, it is not hard to guess who he was talking about. Jeunet doing a Harry Potter movie? well, why not. Personally I love what he did with the Alien franchise (I know maybe people not, fuck them;-)). Of course there's nothing official, maybe he won't do it. Remember he had been approached to direct Catwoman, but he didn't accept it cause the script was pretty bad to him.

Unfortunately, not bad enough for this Pitof fucker!!!! I guess AICN will look for news about it, but damn, that could be good.

if you use this call me Marsellus

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