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Brandon Routh - The Son of Jor-El, Kal-El, Clark Kent, SUPERMAN'

Hey folks, Harry here with the latest on the casting of Superman. Latino Review is announcing that Brandon Routh is locked in to play SUPERMAN in Bryan Singer's adaptation. Well, a look at the story, I noted several things wrong. First, Christopher Reeve didn't die on Brandon Routh's birthday of October 9th, but rather Reeve passed away on October 10th. Second, George Reeves was not the original Silver Screen SUPERMAN, that was Kirk Alyn. Though technically, several years before Kirk, Bud Collyer voiced Clark Kent/Superman for Max Fleischer's brilliant cinematic animated adventures of Superman. But both of those things are nitpicks.

My sources that led me to have the balls to take Millar's ridiculous bet - told me that they were very close to an announcement, that they had their 'big blue bird" but were waiting for the right juncture to announce it. Then Christopher Reeve passed on, and I can only assume this has pushed the announcement further. My source, being a very clever sadist, told me that the unknown Bryan had cast had a lot in common with a famous Goonies character's favorite candy bar. Knowing that A) Sloth wears a Superman shirt in that Richard Donner film. and B) Sloth's favorite candy bar was BABE RUTH, I've been waiting for a break that fit. Well... this Brandon Routh chap has the same initials, his last name sounds like Ruth (I think) and he's definitely a "babe" of a man? SO - I'm betting the folks at Latino Review have landed the Superhero scoop of the year, even if they fudged a few details, but hey... we all do that. Let's see how long it takes Warners to announce, and how they announce. And when Millar is gonna fork over that $1000?

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