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A couple incredible INCREDIBLES reviews, including a look at BOUNDIN', Pixar's new short!!!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here with a few reviews of THE INCREDIBLES. I've made no secret of my high anticipation for this flick and these positive reviews only fan the flames!

Hello Harry,

Had an opportunity to see “The Incredibles” which also included a screening of the new Pixar short “Boundin”.

If you don’t want to know a thing about “Boundin” move on to the next paragraph.

Boundin is about a dancing sheep with beautiful white wool. He entertains his friends every day by (River)dancing around his desert oasis while they cheer him on. Then one day, he is briefly “sheep-napped” to be returned to his desert oasis, sans his lovely white wool. Very skinny and shiny pink, our sheep is embarrassed, and his desert friends laugh and make fun of him. Our sheep is then befriended by the very wise desert Jackalope. Jackalope bestows his wisdom of “Boundin” to our lowly sheep, who embraces his new look and leap on life. The moral of the story, it’s not on the outside that counts, but what’s on the inside. It’s a very sweet short.

Now, the Incredible stuff and SPOILERS. Every Pixar picture has outshined the last, and I have no doubt that this will do so. This movie however, is very different from the other Pixar pictures. This has a much more adult feel, which is all good. Also, this is the first time that “death” is evident. Brad Bird did the world much good with “Iron Giant” only to have Warner Bros. treat it like the bastard step-child rather than market it properly, but enough with that.

Mr. Incredible & Elastigirl (Craig T. Nelson & Holly Hunter) are superhero’s who fall in love, and with all their superhero friends as witnesses (including Samuel L. Jackson as Frozone) get married between gigs saving the world. Mr. Incredible has a young stalker/fan named Buddy, who wants to be just like Mr. Incredible, but Mr. Incredible shuns him, for obvious reasons. In the days of rampant lawsuits, all the superhero’s are forced in to an identity protection program, which forces them to live like normal people. So Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl spend the next 15 years as Bob & Helen Parr, raising their 3 kids, Violet, Dash & baby Jack Jack. Violet & Dash both have received the superhero gene’s from their parents, and Jack Jack appears to be a “normal” baby. Dash is a brat, super speedy and likes to use his powers where as Violet, a teenager, is slightly dark and wants to be normal. She’s like one of those goth teens. Bob has been working in insurance, under a persnickitty boss voiced by Gilbert Gottfried. This is NOT the life for Bob, who is fired after witnessing a mugging but not being able to do anything about it and then launching his boss through several walls. Bob is then approached by Mirage (the under-worked Elizabeth Pena) to do some supersneaky superhero work. Bob is duped, and trapped on an island by a grown-up Buddy, whose moniker is now “Syndrome”, a self-made, and somewhat twisted superhero, with an evil agenda. Helen finds out the whereabouts of her husband from Superhero designer extraordinaire Edna Mode, who quite frankly is the funniest character in the movie. She’s like a mixture of Linda Hunt and Edith Head and apparently voiced by Bird. A freaking riot! Helen takes off to save her husband, finding out too late that Violet and Dash have stowed away on the jet she has borrowed. At one point, it’s quite certain to Mr. Incredible that his family has been killed, and his emotions consume him. Eventually the family is reunited, along with Frozone, in time to save the world from Syndrome pretending to save the world. The superhero’s are once again praised, but choose to live out their existence somewhat incognito, although more than willing to fight the forces of evil when duty calls.

Loved the movie, loved it loved it loved it. The animation was great, especially the island and water scenes. All the actors were great, although I wish we could have seen a little more of Samuel L. Jackson’s Frozone. Loved Holly Hunter too, she was fantastic. I don't really have anything negative to say. The movie was longer than I expected, but that was just an observation, not a critique. Overall, I'd say that Disney has a much needed hit on their hands. Too bad the negotiations with Pixar are nil.

That's it for now,

Almighty Isis.

This one's a little more... vulgar. So, kiddies might want to shield their eyes. For those who are brave, I present an R-rated review for a PG-rated film.


I am Project Rage

SPOILER heavy with a hint of a potty mouth and grammer fucked writing.

I understand I might be in the minority here. Though I wish Eisner got hit by a drunken schoolbus driver and then federal-penitentary raped while leaving a milky outline of florida on his back by Tiiger. Golly gee. I know I’m part of the minority. Yes, this is the Incredibles review.

RANT: Mr. Parr is Mr. Incredible (Craig T. Nelson) and is part of a superhero group with his wife Elasticgirl (Holly Hunter) and friend Fro-zone (Aint it Cool’s “Mr. Cool” Sam “The Man” L. Jackson) they stop crime but get in a legal struggle and go into hiding, though many years later an old dislusioned fan turns into a villan “Syndrome” (Jason Lee) and is now out to rid the earth of the superheroes who happened to be his Mr. Parr’s family with his three superhero kids.

AUDIO: All digital, Excellent mixing except of the score. It’s like the score was well done but it was like it was timid or shy. Score come here! Come here score! They needed David Arnold or John Debney instead of the composer Michael Giacchino of Alias and Medal of Honor (nice score). They needed more brass and themes. The score kicks ass during the last fight but needs some AZT during the rest of the film Though Pixar is one of the finest mixers for sound F/X. Top notch.

PICTURE: 2:35 aspect ratio which is superb and the only other pixar film other than BUGS LIFE. It was worth having and hope pixar keeps the aspect ratio trend. 1:66 during the opening with scraggly opening/interviews.The detail of this film is crazy from the wet hair to the nasty wires on the back of Mr. Parr’s computer.

RAVE: This film is much an homage to Ken-Adams-influenced-Bond and superhero films, as Sky Captain was to the serials, and both are just as fun. It makes you want to visit the villan’s island the wicked waterfalls/doors, Bond like transports, lava waterfalls. The creativity of this film is off the chart. Edna the superhero costumer voiced by Mr. Bird steals the show and I’m counting down the days I will buy this DVD with Edna presenting the menus. She is priceless. I recommend this film with a gin and tonic with an olive. It’s cooool and relaxing like a Sinatra album. Odd that I say that, but it’s true.

RAGE: Didn’t get to see the the short film, yeah thanks cunt. And no there was no starwars trailer so chill out lucasbaters..My only minor complaint other than the wifebeaten-shy score was the editing. It was a bit lax. It’s more in the timing of an early Bond-film, though it kick uber-ass at the end, with all the abilities of the kids and fights (aka. running on water, force-fields) and especially outwitting the machines and spinning-bladed-flying saucers. Ohh and it was a bit light on Sam Jackson.

RATE: It rates higher than NEMO, MONSTERS. It is equal and a bit above of BUGS LIFE, but less than the TOY STORYS.

This film is excellent and fun. Go see Sky Captain, then this, then watch Shaun of the Dead.

I am Project Rage


..Mr. Jobs

your Disney CEO office is now open. Shamrock inc

Support Mr. Jobs.

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