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STAR WARS Episode 3 Teaser One Sheet' NOPE!

Hey folks, Harry here. "R" sent me the following poster, I'm not entirely sure who "R" is or for whom he or any "Friends of R" work, but I do know that the following poster seems to follow the thematics of the Prequel Teaser Poster campaign. From Ani's shadow on the Tatooine wall foreshadowing the birth of Vader for THE PHANTOM MENACE to the abyss between Anakin and Padme, backs to one another that foreshadows whatever comes between them on Anakin's inevitable path to becoming Vader on the ATTACK OF THE CLONES poster. For the Episode 3, REVENGE OF THE SITH poster (if this is real) it seems to have placed Anakin in front of the door that we will eventually see Vader burst forth from in A NEW HOPE. I know I certainly like this image, no matter what it is...

Now, when do we get that first trailier in November?

The Answer is NO, not the poster.

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