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WB's live action AKIRA to be directed by CATWOMAN's Pitof' Uhhhh...

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here with a rumor that'll drive a good lot of you batshit... Pitof can be a really good effects director. I'm not a huge fan of VIDOCQ, but I see what he succeeded with in the film and that was the visual style. But at the same time, the visual style in CATWOMAN was, much like the rest of the movie, pure festering, diseased ass-drippings. Pitof directing AKIRA at Warner Bros. does NOT sound like a good idea to me. What do you folks think?

This has been circulating around on French Movie Boards. Akira creator Katsushiro Otomo made a cryptic mention in an interview about STEAMBOY (Which can read here - you'll have to search for "Akira"). The translation (via Babel Fish) is:

" Akira? I created the manga, then the animated drawing... The Pitof realizer plans d'en to make l adaptation in catches of real sights. I encourage highly. But for me, I'm finished. I do not want to be a prisoner in the whole world of it,"

I don't know if it rumor or is really happening. And I beg to the Movie gods that it is not. I know that the rights to AKIRA were at Warner Brothers when Steve Norrington was interested remaking it about two years ago. It would make sense that Pitof could get access to the project after it was put on hold. I have been trying to find out from friends all over the industry and nobody knows nothing either way.

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