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Gimli to take over for Beethoven on STAR WARS EPISODE 3: REVENGE OF THE SITH'

Hey folks, Harry here -- we've been hearing the news of Gary Oldman exiting stage left on George Lucas due to his grievances regarding George's SAG violations, and due to those grevious issues, he felt unable to continue with Grevious.... But one grumpy dwarf later and all is well? We'll see...

Hey, long time reader, first time (et cetera).

Sorry to bug you with something you've probably already gotten 60 emails about, but since you haven't published it yet, I thought I should let you know.

Many residents of Brisbane, Australia (myself included) recently got the chance to meet, Sean Astin, John Rhys-Davies (Sliders, Lord of the Rings) and Penny Johnson Jerald (24, Star Trek: DS9), amongst others, at the Brisbane Supanova sci-fi convention.

I (like most people) went to meet Samwise Gangee, but the most interesting thing happened during Rhys-Davies' session. Someone asked if he would be doing any more voice work after playing Treebeard in LotR, or something along those lines. He said:

"I'm doing some next month, in fact. Let's say the working conditions are ...Grevious."

Now I'm not sure if that's an exact quote, but he certainly did drop that last word. He seemed to give a little wiggle of the eyebrows too, though it might just be my imagination. Not sure if many others picked up on it, but I heard people talking about it at university this morning. Word travels fast, I guess. And if it means what I think it means.... wow.

Gary Oldman, eat your heart out ^_^

Hope this helps,

-Alastair "HappyBob" Craig

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