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How hot is SIN CITY, hot enough to boil yer sweat!

Hey folks, Harry here... Here's some screencaps from somewhere, I'm not real sure where, but it's of some unfinished shots from SIN CITY. But, it should be enough to give you a bit of a clue regarding the look and feel that Rodriguez is going for. Though, frankly (pun intended) you ain't seen nuttin' till you see this baby move. Recently at the screening of SHAUN OF THE DEAD, Robert told me that a trailer will be hitting soon, both here online and in the real world that'll make you sit up and smoke a carton a day. Here's to Green Screen/Blue Screen Digital Filmmaking with style... between this and SKY CAPTAIN, I'm really seeing the perks...

Hey guys,

I'm sure you've gotten a hundred emails about this already, but just in case, here are a bunch of screencaps from Sin City:

CLICK HERE for the lady in red!

CLICK HERE for Band-Aid Marv!

CLICK HERE to love that yellow bastard!



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