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$1000 Bet Answered and Accepted regarding Jesus & SUPERMAN!

Hey folks, Harry here... I love this. I totally agree with Mark Millar - I'm willing to bet we'd be the two point crunch as Nick Frost illustrated last night, if we ever met. I like Mark Millar... Love his writing... but folks... He's WAY wrong - and he'll be paying to a great cause, and that makes me happy, cuz....


Mark Millar has issued a bet for charity, he named his charity as the CLYDE COAST MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS THERAPY CENTRE... a wonderful wonderful charity. Unfortunately - the charity that I won't be paying (CUZ Jim Caviezel is not gonna be SUPERMAN in the Bryan Singer directed film) would be THE COMIC BOOK LEGAL DEFENSE FUND. So now - the good folks at Clyde Coast need only wait for the first day of photography on SUPERMAN to be 1K richer!

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