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Jesus did not come from Krypton! Clark Kent is not a Highwayman!

Hey folks, Harry here... Jim Caviezel is not going to be Superman. In fact right now, he isn't even being considered, though his representation is pushing him. Where is the search for the last son of Krypton? It's still a wide search. I'm very curious who is feeding Mark Millar this off-kilter information... as my sources are dead on. Hmmm...

The film is currently at the stage of preliminary location scouting all over the place, word has it Bryan has only just returned from checking out Australia. Word has it, that Bryan is beginning to form ideas regarding who would do for Superman, but he has been staying mum on the project... only... they've never played Jesus or have they been a TV Superman. So that's the gosh-darned truth of the matter.

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