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Kevin Smith brings you THE PASSION OF THE CLERKS in 2005!! No %^!*!!!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here with the damndest out of left field news of the week... Over at Kevin Smith has announced he's going forward with a sequel to CLERKS called CLERKS 2: THE PASSION OF THE CLERKS. No shit! Go look!!!

I'm not bullshitting you! Click here!!!

Of course, being the View Askewniverse fan that I am, I'm really happy to see where Dante and Randall ended up... Will we get the gratuitous Judge Reinhold cameo? What about a glimpse at Sexy Randall, the Pharoah Wizard? Anything from the animated series or all new awesomeness? Has Caitlin Bree gotten over the "incident" in the Quick Stop bathroom? Will Randall confess his true love for Dante by bringing him lasagna at work? Has he matched Veronica's BJ count? So many questions!

The film starts shooting in January on a shoestring budget and marks the return of Jason Mewes, so one assumes we'll be getting Jay and Silent Bob together again... Which makes sense. Smith has been saying that he was going to reward Mewes' soberness by writing another Jay and Bob movie... He wasn't lying! Make sure to click on the link above to go to Smith's official site and get all the details!!!

As much as I was hoping Smith would take a chance and push his filmmaking by helming his GREEN HORNET script, I gotta admit I'm giddy to see him back in this universe. What do you folks think?

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