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Word on the street is the “start time” for “24’s” fourth season was moved from 5 p.m. to 7 a.m. because they went very young with casting 15-year-old Jonathan Ahdout to play Behrooz, and there are special rules regarding shooting minors at night. It smells like the real deal to me, but will anyone agree? Remember that Herc will not be shy about reminding readers of talkback appraisals when “24” returns to Fox in January…


Im sure you get alot of fake spoilers from people seeking to get one over on you, so I'll let you make the choice to believe what Im going to say and ask for more or not. I've read the scripts for episodes 1-4 of 24.

Here are some KEY details you should be able to verify:

It begins with a bang and a briefcase.
The first episode starts at 7am. It opens with a train being blown apart near Los Angeles. A hooded biker kills one passenger who's still alive after the blast and removes a briefcase thats attached to his arm.

CTU fired Jack.
Jack is introduced next staring into a mirror as if "he doesn't know the man he's look at." We find out that Jack was fired by CTU by the new director, a woman named Driscoll, over his drug problem.

Jack is still in Los Angeles.
Jack leaves and we learn that he is *NOT* in D.C. as some rumors have suggested, he's still in L.A. -

CTU looks different.
CTU is introduced and according to the action lines its gotten a major face lift, so much so that jack barely recognizes it. Chloe still works there and runs up to Jack.

Kim and Chase remain a couple.
Chloe asks how Kim and Chase are and we learn that Chase is working for a private security firm, they bought a new house, and Kim is caring for Angela. Chloe is as neurotic as ever... So enough indepth detail, lets get to some quick hits

Jack’s girlfriend is married and has a Cabinet-level dad.
Jack's love interest, Audrey Raines, is introduced. We learn that she has separated from her husband who lives in Washington D.C. and that no one knows about Jack's relationship with her, especially her father, who is the secretary of defense. She tells Jack that she has somethign to say but doesnt want to freak him out. She is in love with him, and also tells him she doesnt want a response back, she just wanted him to know. blah blah blah.. Jack will reciprocate later.

The son of the defense secretary is a peacenick.
Audrey's brother is rebellious and is planning a protest at a Lockheed plant where the director is set to speak later that day.

There’s a new young Arab with a hot American girlfriend.
A middle eastern family is introduced. The son, Behrooz, has a girlfriend named Debbie who is non-muslim. After Behrooz brings his girlfriend home in hopes of persuading his parents he's in love with her, he gets a weird feeling. His mother starts acting nice and accepting, As he's trying to get Debbie out of the house quickly, she starts convulsing and foaming at the mouth. Turns out the mother has poisoned her and she just stands there smiling and watching her son hold Debbie while she dies. The mother ends up cleaning up a very nasty mess... This is a really creepy scene and one of the best in the episodes I've read.

Jack’s girl and big-deal boss are kidnapped by terrorists.
Jack uncovers that the terrorists are targeting the secretary of defense (who just happens to be Audrey's dad) . Just as jack figures out that Audrey's dad is the target and tries to warn her, his call is interrupted by a missile blowing up a service vehicle near where shes' standing. She and her father are kidnapped by "Middle Eastern" terrorists while Jack gets to listen on Audrey's cell phone. The terrorists are planning a live execution on the Internet of Audrey's father for his crimes against humanity. Audrey attempts to seduce a guard in a BLATANT rehash of season 1 (but fails).

Terrorists kidnap Chloe’s friend too!
A friend of chloe's, Andrew, has some info on the terrorists and gets kidnapped.

Chloe’s friend is first to die.
Andrew (chloe's friend) stumbles across something in arabic and calls chloe. At first Chloe brushes it off, but then Andrew sees some of his co-workers being tortured by terrorists for information and leaves the building and calls Chloe. Andrew gets on the phone with Jack, after the CTU director, Driscoll, realizes whats going on. In any case, Andrew is freaking out and Jack arranges a meeting with him. Driscoll lets Jack go with the head of field ops to pick Andrew up, but before they get there Andrew bumps into one of the terrorists at the meeting place. Andrew says "are you Jack Bauer?" and the terrorist says yes. Jack then arrives and doesnt find Andrew and calls him, which makes Andrew realize he's with a terrorist. Jack decides they should follow andrew. CTU wants the terrorist and andrew brought in, but jack doesnt agree, he cold cocks the field ops guy and secures him to the car. Then Jack watches the whole torture scene which leads to Andrews death. This seems very out of character for Jack, unless you consider the Chappelle death from last year, in which case, Jack has lost it.

Chloe gets in trouble for helping Jack.
Chloe helps jack and gets caught and sent to detention in CTU by the new director.

Jack grows more at odds with CTU.
Jack notices that the new CTU director is screwing up and interrupts her during a LIVE interrogation and of course uncovers some information. Jack knows the train bombing isnt the terrorist act that was being planned but the CTU director ignores his warnings. Chloe helps him figure out that something major is being planned for 8am.

Jack goes rogue.
Jack ends up (per norm) being a fugitive, roaking over a convenience store and holding the customers hostage (including the terrorist), the CTU director finds the rogue Jack in episode 4 and ends up nabbing jack. At this point the terrorist/hostage thinks that its all a robbery and the CTU director realizes that Jack's plan has a chance of working if they allow the terrorist to leave unhampered and pretend to arrest Jack.

I am – Hercules!!

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