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Disney's RAPUNZEL UNBRAIDED - Coming in 2007!!!

Hey folks, Harry here with another bit of moving imagery and gorgeous pre-production art from Disney's RAPUNZEL UNBRAIDED... the quicktime of the logo with the hair is just entrancing and magical. The pre-production art is similar and nature and I have to say... I'm impressed... PitDoc has come through like a champ yet again! Here's his spy treats for ya...


So you like? This is being directed by Animated Genius GLEN KEANE, possibly the single greatest animator actively being a genius. You know his Beast and his Tarzan. Here, he becomes a director and is in charge of what I've heard is a hybrid film of 2D and 3D in a fashion we haven't really seen before. These are our very first glimpse at what he's up to and personally... I'm thrilled! It's due out in 2007!

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