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Are You SUPERMAN' Do You Know SUPERMAN' The Search For The Son Of Jor-El Is On!

Harry here.... and about time they decided to look far and wide for the man of steel. Hopefully, this will be a more than a "for show" type of casting call... where they seem to be going out searching for a never before seen Kryptonian, only to wind up with Nick Cage and a toupee. So how many times have you tied the red towel around your neck and lept off the side of the house into a pool? How many times while running at a park did you say, "Up Up and Away" and dream of soaring? Well, this is that chance to do it as real as it ever gets. Maybe you've been working on your Ma & Pa's farm all your life with an internet connection. You did acting in High School, dabbled a bit in college, but felt you had to go back and work the farm with Ma & Pa... Figuring, you'd never have a chance to be the only character you ever dreamt of... Well... Follow the instructions below and best of luck... whoever you may be...

Call for Actor to play SUPERMAN for Warner Bros. Feature

Pat Moran + Associates Casting (Emmy Award winner for HOMICIDE: Life on the Street) is part of a nation-wide search for an actor to portray Clark Kent / Superman in a new feature film for Warner Brothers.

The description of the role is: Late 20’s, tall, handsome, chiseled good looks. Athletic. Strong character. All American. Confident, yet awkward. Faster than a speeding bullet.

The film will be directed by Bryan Singer (X-MEN, USUAL SUSPECTS) and produced by Jon Peters & Gilbert Adler. No other cast has been announced yet.

Although Pat Moran + Associates are accepting open submissions from both actors and non-actors, auditions are by appointment only. Auditions will be held the week of August 16th through August 20th.

Anyone interested in auditioning for this starring role should send either a Headshot & Resume’, a model card, or a clear individual photograph of themselves to:

Pat Moran + Assoc.

ATTN: “Superman”

3500 Boston St., Suite 425

Baltimore, MD 21224

Photos should include: Name, Age & Phone Number(s). Photos are non-returnable. No phone calls to Pat Moran + Associates, please.

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