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Learn What Jack Bauer's Up To In 2005!!

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If you haven’t heard by now, “24” in undergoing a major revamp for its fourth season, with David Palmer out of office and Jack Bauer the only returning regular.

Variety revealed on July 19 that Bauer is no longer working for the Counter-Terrorism Unit, but forgot to mention what he's doing instead.

Coaxial News sources now indicate Bauer is working for a Defense Department task force. Kim Raver, for many seasons the hot paramedic on “Third Watch,” will play Bauer’s love interest, an aide to Jack's new boss, the secretary of defense.

Though Jack is no longer with CTU, CTU is still in the picture. The Hollywood Reporter reveals Friday morning that Louis Lombardi, who played a massive poker player in “Spider-Man 2,” will play a massive heretofore unseen component of Bauer’s old workplace.

The threat this season seems to revolve around an attempt to cripple the United States’ economic power. The first villain of the season appears to be a Middle East businessman (“Day After Tomorrow” player Nestor Serrano) who runs an import/export company.

4.1 begins at 5 p.m. PT. The season premiere, slated to air in January, seems to launch with some kind of a bang. Word is the scripts circulating to casting agents are missing their first few pages. So if Bauer cuts off a part of somebody or nakedness-prone lesbian assassin Mandy turns up, it could be in those opening minutes.

I am – Hercules!!

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