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Matt and Trey respond to the White House reaction to the TEAM AMERICA trailer!!!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here with a little bit from the back and forth between Matt Stone and Trey Parker and the White House over the content of the South Park duo's new flick TEAM AMERICA. The trailer is damn funny (check it out here), but the footage Matt and Trey brought to Comic-Con was funnier still (read my coverage here!). Over at The Drudge Report there's a story about the White House's dislike of the trailer (click here to read that story!) Now we have the below person who sent in the highlights of what was said in response by Matt and Trey on Drudge's radio show this very evening. Give it a read if you're at all interested in who Matt and Trey are poking fun at in the film!!

Matt Stone and Trey Parker were on The Drudge Report's radio show tonight responding to how the White House is mad about their new movie about terrorism. They said, "We're maing fun of terrorists, not terrorism, we've done this on South Park since the Osama episode. This movie isn't making fun of every angle of it, not police officers or our service men. It rips on Hollywood actors. We thank the Bush admin for the the free press. I think you will think it's funny what happens to Janeane Garofalo. Our comedy is the way we think, just because we are making a comedy it doesn't mean we don't have any feelings on terrorism. This film is the fastest release Paramount has ever done. People are gonna leave this film wondering which political side we are on. We think firemen and service men will love this movie most of all. As of now there is no Bush puppet in the movie, but we might put one in. We dont want people thinking we are in on the Fahrenheit 9/11 bandwagon. Everyone should be afraid of this movie."

This are the mainpoints of the interview, not the whole thing.

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