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Damn, these Venom/Spidey 3 rumors just won't quit!!!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here with these darn persistant Venom rumors. I stress the word RUMOR as I did a brief search for this "Infotainment" show and didn't come up with much. This is all probably bull-hockey. I doubt it if only because Raimi has said he doesn't find the character of Venom very interesting and at the end of the SPIDER-MAN 2 it's pretty obvious who the next villain(s) will be. If nothing else, the fact that we're being hit over and over and over again with these Venom rumors means that the fans are dying to get the big brute onscreen. I think he's a cool villain myself, but I wouldn't hold my breath for him being the baddie in the next movie. But it's still interesting to speculate nonetheless.

Hey Harry;

Just a quick tidbit from the United Kingdom of 'Busted' (The British boyband who have produced the theme for 'Thunderbirds' are taking over our island right now!)

Was watching a rather backwater, Uk-produced media entertainment show called 'Infotainment' when to my surprise an interview with Raimi turned up a very VERY interesting set of possibilities.

The interviewer (sorry i forget the name...he's very B-list over here) declared his undying love for Spidey and all things related and asked if Raimi would possibly give him some hints on who the adversaries are to be next time around. Raimi responded with a comment that, although far from finalised, he had just finished the first treatment and would be able to tell him roughly what happens and who would be likely to lock webs with Peter; just so long as he didn't tell anyone else.

Then (in an obviously unscripted move...due to the incredulous look on the interviewer's face) proceeded to spend several seconds whispering into his ear...genuine whispering (not the old "rhubarb, rhubarb" theatrical routine). After which the interviewer looked directly at camera and said, and i quote;

"Well, how happy am i. There it is; in Black and White"

The delivery of this line was unmistakable, he might as well have winked at the audience. Raimi kinda twitched when he said it too, looking skywards a kinda exasperated fashion.

Make of it what you will.

But after seeing it; i know exactly who i am putting my money on.

If you use this please credit me as 'Maccers MyGroin'

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