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Hey folks, Harry here... Call me crazy, but I loved BRIDE OF CHUCKY and I'm dying to see SEED OF CHUCKY. It just seems to be the exact crazy funky fun I'm seeking. Having said that, SHAUN OF THE DEAD is super genius droolage of the highest calibre. Most Sincerely! As for RIDING THE BULLET, haven't a clue, sounds so-so to me. We'll see. Here's Ben with his final report...

Final Comic-Con Report from Sunday

By Ben Evans, a 'Mighty Pleased' fan boy

OK, so I was a little harsh in my last report, I used some unsavory language which I regret using, I was just disappointed at Warner Brothers for dropping the ball on the Batman Begins panel. I know Chris Nolan and Christian Bale will undoubtedly bring us a great vision of Batman to the screen, but they needed to give us a small taste. Every other panel I saw had something to show us, to wet our appetites. When I first went to the comic con in 2002, James Cameron showed footage from Solaris, Bryan Singer gave us a X2 teaser and he had only filmed for 2 weeks, heck Jonathon Mostow showed footage from T3 which was a Warner Brothers film I might add, Mark Steven Johnson showed footage from Daredevil, the Hulk panel gave slides. In 2003, Sony revealed Doc Ock from Spider-Man 2 and a scene from the film, Stephen Sommers brought footage from Van Helsing. Warner Brothers indeed dropped the ball, from yesterdays panels that I attended we can see how much so. The Star Wars Spectacular brought us looks at the special features on the Star Wars Trilogy DVDs, behind the scenes footage of Hayden Christiansen donning the Vader getup, shoot Hayden was even there in person! They even revealed the title! (REVENGE OF THE SITH) Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller give us a taste of Sin City, which looks spectacular by the way, and hey they brought the babes with them!

So all of this brings me to today's events. Mick Garris shows us rough footage from his latest Stephen King adaptation, RIDING THE BULLET. When he talked about it being a mix of horror and coming of age drama sort of in the vein of Stand by Me, I actually got excited, but alas I was let down. The problem with this film is it suffers from that made for T.V./direct to video feel. This movie looks just plain bad and there wasn't even a U.S. release date, or even a official poster, will anyone distribute this thing on more than 500 screens? I think not. Mick needs to stick with television I am sorry to say. But hey, at least he brought something to show us.

Next up, it was the wonderful Jennifer Tilly dressed in a hot little black dress for the SEED OF CHUCKY panel. She is really quite funny and she came out with one of the puppeteers from the film. Now let me just say, SEED OF CHUCKY will not be a great film by any measure, but it sure will be funny. They showed two clips from the movie which were hilarious, one was an opening scene I think where it is revealed as a movie within a movie, ala New Nightmare and Jennifer Tilly plays herself as well as her doll. The second clip they showed had John Waters in a small part as a sleazy photographer and Redman as a director trying to get Jennifer to star in his The Passion of the Mary by making out with her. And yes, we see Chucky bringing forth his seed in the shadows, and the big reveal of him holding up his doll sperm in a cup to Jennifer. This one might actually be worth seeing, well perhaps on DVD.

The next panel rocked since it was Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright for SHAUN OF THE DEAD. These guys are hilarious, talking about their first Comic-Con visit and how surreal it was for them to get to hang out with Ken Foree from DotD drinking Heinekens after their screening of Shaun of the Dead on Thursday Night. These guys have a hit on their hands, even if it doesn't do well in America, they are still a huge success. They even showed portions from their sitcom SPACED, which is hilarious. I have got to get these on DVD, apparently Bravo has the rights to show this in the U.S. They need to put these on the air NOW! Everyone needs to get a region free DVD player and get this wonderful show on DVD. These guys are pure GENIUS! They were asked their opinions on 28 Days Later, the new Dawn of the Dead, and Resident Evil. Edgar said 28 Days Later was a good film and that they are friends with Danny Boyle. Edgar thought the first ten minutes of the new DOTD are well done and the end credits scene was good. But of Resident Evil, total "shit". Look for SOTD on September 24th, best zombie film since George A. Romero's last dead film.

And now Joss Whedon's SERENITY

let me just say Joss rocks! The entire room filled up to at least 4000 fans! I kid you not. When he came out he received a standing ovation! Me being the idiot, I forgot he created Buffy and Angel, shoot he also is a comic book writer, so of course there were many fans there. The first thing he says is, "I HAVE SOMETHING TO SHOW YOU!" Now that's how you do it, take note Warner Bros. So the teaser for Serenity starts and let me tell you, it rocks! Cinematic quality and everyone was cheering. I think it will excel anything we have seen on the television show. Then he brought out the 9 main cast members! The place went nuts. They are not even finished filming yet. They told us if the film is a success they plan on doing a two more! A Serenity Trilogy, how cool would that be! You can tell they enjoy working together and Joss knows how to give fans what they want. Thank you Joss! Don't miss this movie Spring 2005. All in all, a great Comic-Con!

Ben Evans


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