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UPDATED: TRANSFORMERS in disguise at Dreamworks with Zemeckis'


Hey folks, Harry here... the rumor mill seems to be cranking on TRANSFORMERS now... We'll find out for sure at ComicCon whenever Don Murphy makes his announcement, but from sources inside CAA the word has come in regarding this film. Robert Zemeckis is looking for his film to follow THE POLAR EXPRESS. The experience he's had with the mo-cap innovations have been truly remarkable. Word has it that Spielberg was so impressed by the process that he's genuinely intrigued about experimenting with it himself. Apparently, the word going around CAA at the moment is that Zemeckis is no longer available, as he's going to make TRANSFORMERS. As a project that would be highly technical, it looks like Zemeckis' plan is to marry what he's learned in making the all CG movie, that he shot with essentially the world's greatest rotoscope process, with the vitality of the live-action world. If true, then a fairly awesome film will await us. Let's see if I'm hearing truth or fiction... are my sources autobots or decepticons... We'll see this weekend.


Hey folks, Harry here... Over at super-producer - Don Murphy's website you'll notice a tiny Optimus Prime... if you click it you'll be sent to a pop up window that says that there will be a MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT AT COMIC CON. Intrigued by the emails alerting me to this, I've begun to dig around.

Last time I had checked, New Line and Dreamworks - and last I'd heard... it was pretty vicious, with both companies really really wanting it. So I decided to check back in with some sources that will talk. Word has it that New Line lost out to Dreamworks, which intends to further develop and make a live-action TRANSFORMER's movie. The word behind the scenes is that Hasbro was leaning towards New Line, till Dreamworks' 2 Billion Dollar Gorilla, Steven Spielberg got in a plane and flew out to Rhode Island to personally meet with Hasbro's team and to dangle the, if we have this, I may direct it, golden carrot. After which Hasbro agreed to Dreamworks getting the project.

The project has continued to be in intense development by Don Murphy and his partner on the project Tom DeSanto, who is literally electric about all things Transformers... and if you talk to him this weekend at San Diego Comic Con about Transformers, you'll see his eyes light up and he'll be excited as a school boy being let out for summer.

I'm not entirely sure if the announcement at Comic Con will merely be Dreamworks' involvement... or if it will include talent attachments and possibly even a director's involvement, though the folks I spoke to said they didn't believe things were at that stage. I'm also hearing that this is a huge Summer 06 film. There's also rumors stirring regarding Don's other Dreamworks project... Guillermo Del Toro's feature adaptation of AT THE MOUNTAINS OF MADNESS, though nothing set in stone yet. Damn that Murphy guy is busy! Cool projects, that's for sure!

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